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Trade Inform

Credit information and risk management

Trade Inform helps you in making well-informed decisions, by providing you with extensive background information on buyers. The team of data analysts gather the needed data on thousands of companies and validate missing information, to create a comprehensive database.

Services include:

International Credit Information Reports

  • Basic Report: General information about the company
  • Detailed Report: General information about the company, legal background, Sanctions, Associated companies, Financial information and Credit opinion

KYC (Know Your Customer)

  • General information about the company
  • Legal background for any civil or criminal records
  • Sanction feedback
  • Banks Feedback about the company (facilities, history and performance)
  • Suppliers feedback about the Company (facilities, history and performance)
  • Detailed information about the shareholders (history, related businesses, Legal Background, and estimated / approximate personal net worth)
  • Photos of the company premises
  • Detailed financial information
  • In depth analysis of the above information

Submit your company’s full details and financials and benefit from a free detailed credit information report for your company.

Trade Collect

Debt Collection services

Trade Collect provides debt management and collection services, in order to collect bad debt and settle any pending payments after they default.

The service can be used for:

  • Invoice Management
  • Bad Debt Collection

Trade Collect is a full process support to collect client’s bad debts adaptable to local and international cases:

  • Recovery Management
  • Verbal Negotiations
  • Drawing Up Repayment Plans
  • Final Demands
  • Dunning Letters
  • Solicitor’s Letters
  • Legal Actions

Trade Advise

Trade Credit Advisory

Trade Advise provides you with a series of outsourced services and consultancy, identify, mitigate and manage any trade credit risk and credit insurance-related products. Services include:

Outsourced Services:

  • Risk Management
  • Credit Risk Assessment
  • Claims Management
  • Reinsurance Management


  • Business Model Review
  • Establishment of Credit Insurance Activities
  • New Product Development
  • Training

IT Services

  • Trade Credit Insurance Solution TCIS™
  • Customer Online Portal EYERIS™
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