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The Lebanese Credit Insurer s.a.l. (LCI) is the first independent specialized Credit Insurance Company in Lebanon and the Middle East. It was established in 2001 as a joint venture between ATRADIUS (one of the largest credit insurer’s in the world), a group of local and regional insurance companies and private holding companies.

  • Reinsured by first class reinsurers specialized in credit and bonds reinsurance
  • Turnover covered in excess of USD 1.8 Billion
  • Actual outstanding exposure in excess of USD 780 Million

Through its fully owned subsidiary LCI Services, the firm provides an array of key products and services to help your business grow. LCI Services is specialized in credit information, debt collection, ratings, and credit management consultancy.


Committed to support small and medium size companies expanding their business and growing their sales within and from the MENA region, by providing them with innovative trade receivables management solutions ranging from trade credit insurance to credit information, debt collection and trade finance.


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Global Presence and Business Partners

Across the region, LCI partners with various firms, to offer clients tailor-based solutions, international expertise and local know-how. LCI’s partners include:

  • Lebanon – LCI
  • Bahrain – Arabia Insurance Company s.a.l.
  • Botswana – BECI
  • Cyprus – LCI
  • Croatia – HKO
  • Egypt – Arab Misr Insurance Group / gig
  • Iran – EGFI
  • Jordan – Arabia Insurance Company Jordan
  • Kuwait – Arabia Insurance Company s.a.l.
  • Oman – Arabia Insurance Company s.a.l.
  • Qatar – Arabia Insurance Company s.a.l.
  • Saudi Arabia – UCA (United Cooperative Assurance Company)
  • Serbia – Triglav
  • Syria – LCI
  • United Arab Emirates – Arabia Insurance Company s.a.l.
  • Nigeria – IGI

Board of Directors

  • Atradius Participations Holding B.V.
  • United Commercial Assurance S.A.L.
  • Societe Assurex S.A.L.
  • Arabian Insurance Management Services Holding S.A.L. (Aims Holding)
  • Dominique Charpentier – Chairman
    • Word from the Chairman
  • Karim Nasrallah – General Manager
    • Letter from the GM



LCI is a member in the following organizations and associations, specialized in trade.


LCI provides a suite of tailored products and services, helping you make sound business decisions,

without worrying about the risks involved.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance (TCI) is a straightforward, cost effective and flexible way to ensure that you get paid for goods and services you supply. It provides you with a comprehensive range of risk management products and services that protect your business, helping you grow profitability and avoid catastrophic losses.

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Debt Collection
Provided by LCI Services

Trade Collect provides the client with state of the art debt management and collection services. A debt collector is assigned to collect bad debt and to settle any pending payments, after they default.

Debt Collection includes the following steps:

• Recovery Management

• Verbal Negotiations

• Dunning Letters

• Final Demands

• Solicitor’s Letters

• Drawing Up Repayment Plans

Credit Information
Provided by LCI Services

Trade Inform provides clients with extensive background information on a potential buyer, helping them make well informed decisions.

Due to the lack of available information on companies, LCIS is training its Data Analysts in gathering the needed data.

Data Analysts will be dedicated to calling up buyers from around the region to gather and/or validating missing information.


  • Information/Credit Reports

    • Company Identification Fundamentals
    • Health Snapshot
    • Financial Statement and KPI’s Ratio Information
    • Trading Experience
    • Legal Warnings
  • Regional Reports

  • KYC (Know Your Customer)

    • Due Diligence and Investigation Searches
    • Credit Assessment Report for the company
    • Individual report for the physical entities associated with the company
    • Investigation for KYC for the physical and legal entities associated with the companies under investigation
    • In depth analysis of the above information
    • Compliance – Sanction Lists & Criminal Records

Credit and
Insurance AdvisORY
Provided by LCI Services

Trade Advise provides the client with a series of outsourced services, to identify, mitigate and manage any trade credit risk and credit insurance-related products.


  • Business Model Review

  • New Product Development

  • Establishment of Credit Insurance Activities

  • Risk Management

  • IT

  • Consultancy/Training

  • IRIS

  • Customer Online Portal


Trade Protect

i. Trade Credit Insurance: In simple terms, Trade Credit Insurance covers the risks related to the selling of products or services.
It covers suppliers (the manufacturers, trading companies & providers of services) against the risks of non-payment of their account receivables with local and foreign buyers (Customers).
It can also extend to cover through additional endorsements, political risks and pre-shipment risks:

  • Political Risk Insurance protects exporters from financial loss due to political events such as war, terrorism, expropriation, business interruption, etc.
  • Pre-Shipment Insurance protects against the losses that may occur during the production period prior to delivery. These losses can be a result of the buyer not fulfilling his end of the contract due to bankruptcy, insolvency or political events.

ii. Extended short-term credit insurance: Extended Short-Term Credit Insurance covers the sales or the financing of vehicles or machinery to corporates on monthly installments over a period not exceeding 36 months.

iii. Excess of Loss: Client retains a percentage or amount of the risk up to a limit determined in advance, and the insurer pays the remaining amount of the claim above that limit up to a specific sum.

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance



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