Credit insurance is a straightforward, cost effective and flexible way to ensure that you get paid for goods and services you supply. It provides you with a comprehensive range of risk management products and services that protect your business, helping you grow profitability and avoid catastrophic losses.

LCI Insured Supplier

Delivery of Goods and Services

  1. 1 Analyze

    With in-depth financial analysis an access to worldwide credit reports, LCI evaluates the credit worthiness & financial stability of your potential and existing client/buyer.

  2. 2 Insure

    LCI covers your Trade Credit Risks.

Client buyer

Receipt of payment on due date

  1. 3 Monitor

    If the information indicates your client/buyer is experiencing financial difficulty, we notify you of the increased risk & help establish an action plan to avoid loss.

  2. 4 Pay Claim

    In case your buyer does not pay receivables due to you, we pay 90% of the amount.

  3. 5 Collect

    We will be in direct contact with the buyer in order to recover the outstanding amount and reimburse you with any further recovery.

Other Services

LCI also provides you with a selection of services that will help you make sound business decisions, without worrying about the risks involved.

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